How do I change a room name?

To update a room name, simply log on to your extranet and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the 'Property details' tab and select 'Property layout' / 'Room details'.
  1. Click 'Edit' under the room you wish to change.
  1. Choose the relevant drop-down box under the following headings to make the necessary changes:
  • 'Room type' describes the specific kind of accommodation on offer.
  • 'Room name' gives you a choice of standard names already translated in 43 languages to provide guests with clarity and consistency across
  • ‘Custom name’ allows you to tag a standard room name with your own unique name, so you can easily identify it in your extranet. This is for internal reference only.
  1. Click on 'Proceed' to save your changes.


Updating the 'Room name' or 'Room type' will likely affect future reservations and the accommodation of guests. So, remember to check your upcoming bookings first.

When making any changes, make sure you also load the correct rates and availability for that room. You can also contact your local partner support team for assistance.

Changing the ‘Custom name’ will not affect any bookings.

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