BookingSuite: RateManager service

BookingSuite’s RateManager tool offers rate recommendations for the next 360 days and forecasts your occupancy, helping to boost your revenue and save you time.

What are the main features of RateManager?

- Reliable rate-recommendations for your rooms.
- Occupancy forecast for the next 360 days.
- Aggregated local-market demand data.
- Competitor pricing.
- Reporting data to help with pricing decisions .

What are the benefits of RateManager?

- It helps you optimise your revenue with accurate recommendations.
- It makes pricing decisions easier with reliable data and analytics.
- An easy-to-use dashboard helps you keep on top of your performance.

How can I get more information and sign up for RateManager?

To sign up and for get more information, go to the ‘BookingSuite’ tab on the extranet or click here.

I am an existing RateManager partner and I need help. Where should I go?

For any questions related to RateManager, please visit the RateManager Help Centre here.

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