How can I make changes to one of my photos?

To make any changes to your photos, we recommend you do this on your computer, using a photo-editing programme, or an online tool.

1. Open the file in your computer, within your chosen programme.

2. Use the programme to rotate, minimise the image (if necessary), adjust the colour balance, or increase brightness.

3. Remember to save the photo as a JPEG file so that you can upload it easily onto our system.


We recommend that all images are at least 1536 by 2048 pixels (3.1 megapixels). Don’t minimise the photo to below this size, nor stretch a smaller image to meet these requirements — this will create a blurry, pixelated photo.

Don’t over-edit the photo, as it’s important that guests get the most realistic image of your property when booking. This will also contribute to a good guest review score in the future.

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