How can I delete a room/unit?

Do you need to delete a room or unit that’s no longer available for sale?

This can be easily done on the Extranet. Just follow the steps below:

Example 1: You have no upcoming reservations for this room/unit.

  1. Click the Property Details tab on the Extranet and select Room details/Property layout.
  2. Select the room/unit you want to remove and click Delete.

Example 2: You have upcoming reservations for this room/unit.

You can’t delete the room/unit at this stage, but you’ll need to make changes in Rates & Availability.

  1. Click on the Rates & Availability tab on the Extranet and select the room/unit you need to adjust.
  2. On the right side of the page, select the start and end dates (or No end dateif applicable).
  3. Scroll down and click Closed below Adjust availability.
  4. Click Save and the calendar will now show dates in red. The room won't be available for sale anymore.
  5. When your final upcoming booking has been honored, you can proceed with deleting the room/unit permanently following the steps in Example 1.



If you have an upcoming booking for a room/unit and you need to remove it immediately, you must honor it by accommodating guests in a room/unit of the same category/standard.

Please do not offer accommodations with a lower standard – this will result in a poor guest experience and negative reviews.

If you need assistance with accommodating these bookings, contact us.

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