Why is my property not live yet on Booking.com?

If you recently signed up with Booking.com, use your login details to check your sign-up status on the Home tab of your Extranet. You’ll find info here to help you complete your registration.

If you're already working with Booking.com, check the tips below for actions you can take to complete your profile:

1. Have you added your rates and availability? If there are no prices and dates loaded, customers won't be able to see your property on the website. 
You can check these details on the Extranet's Rates & Availability tab.

2. If you can’t see your property in the Booking.com search results, check your minimum length of stay restrictions and then try searching again.

3. Have you uploaded photos to your page? We can’t show properties online without a selection of quality images. You can update your photos through the Property Details tab on the Extranet.

4. Make sure you don’t have any outstanding invoices from Booking.com. This information can be found under the Finance tab.

If your property is still not bookable or visible after you’ve checked this info, let us know through the Inbox tab.

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